P2F Timing System

Timing System

After years of running events P2F have come up with a very simple to use timing system great for local club events.

The system uses a personal ID number for each paddler so once entered into the system the paddler will continue with that number for life. This reduces the cost of new race numbers every event.

Once a paddle account is created, paddlers are entered into the system by their full name after which they are placed into a race category (which you have personalised) and entered into the event. We also have a double ski partner option so both paddlers will be recognised in the final results.

Once the final paddler has crossed the line, the results are created in seconds with line honours and and category results seperate. In results the event organiser can edit and delete paddlers.

All results are saved online so all you have to do is copy the link and post on your social media page or email.

Whats the Cost?

  • When you have the control:
    • $2 per athlete / event.
    • A one off set up fee will be $150 to create your event organiser account / access.
    • P2F will invoice the event organiser post each event.
  • If you would like us to come an do the timing for your event see the below costs:
    • $300 for athlete entry into the system and attend the event
    • $5 per athlete entered into the event
    • Travel costs may need to be added depending on where the event is to be run

If you would like to have a look at the timing system, please sign up using this link below: www.paddlersclub.com.au

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