“Being an elite Iron woman and ski paddler,  I’m always looking to improve my paddling to give me an edge over my competitors.  I have found that working with Julian on my technique has given me more boat run and speed.  He picked up a few faults with my technique and has given me the tools to help me change them”

Hayley Bateup, Ironwomen Champion

“I started paddling in March this year and having never been on a surf ski before required a lot of technical direction to paddle efficiently, Julian gave this to me along with a complete training program based on fitness and speed.  Prior to getting involved with Julian my goal at the beginning of the year was to paddle in 2 competitive events this year, as of December I will have competed in 15+ events including the Coolangatta Gold and Anaconda Adventure Race.  Without Julian’s coaching I would not be nearly as fit and still struggling with balance & technique”

Michael Manton, Gold Coast Aust.

“Hey Julian he did great. Smashed paddles but struggled a bit on some of the other legs. He finished and whilst did not achieve overall time he wanted it was a brilliant achievement.. Your paddle coaching has really helped and improved his performance.. time for me to get him out on the mountain bike more to match your results. So happy to see him so driven and motivated and u have played a part in pushing him, thanks.”

Partner of Scott Holmberg, Northern NSW Australia

The people he (Julian Norton-Smith) is teaching to paddle have the best techniques I’ve ever seen on beginners – I would highly recommend having one-on-one lessons with him as well if you want to accelerate your paddling development.

Lynda Lehmann, National Coordinator Surf & Kayak Talent Program, Surf Life Saving Australia

Hi Julian, Just a bit of feedback. Sessions the last couple of weeks have been great and a good balance. If you follow the sessions you get enough rest to put some good work into each session rather than being flogged for every session and not being able to put in a genuine effort. Listening to the other guys they seem to enjoy the sessions as well.

Regards Rob (Kurrawa SLSC ski paddler)

Julian was selected to be head ski coach for our surf life saving club ( Kurrawa ) this year after working overseas for a period and I for one was pleased as I have trained with him before and thought that I could benefit with his input. I have had a great deal of success last season winning both the single and doubles ski finals in my age group in the Queensland championships, gaining 2nd in the double and 5th in the single in the Australian championship but felt that Julian could take me to the next step. For me the training is two fold combining an intense gym program which I do 3 times a week with a ski program which I complete 5 times a week. Both the programs are interesting and designed to get to peak fitness and be paddling at top pace by the Australian Championships in March. At this stage of the program my weight is right where it should be and I am paddling better than at this time last year as my fitness level is higher thanks to Julian’s programs.I feel the whole squad has benefited from Julian being at our surf club.

Kevin Jeffery, Age 56 (Kurrawa Surf Life Saving Club)

I hope you can use this as a testimonial on your web-site if the case may be. I really enjoyed the one on one session with you recently at Buds Beach on a beautiful Saturday morning. Anyway I think I might have said it was the best money I have spent lately to you; well I can honestly say it really was. The swissball exercises were great, as this I think is one of the most valuable tools in the whole armoury. Also you have great communication skills and generally seem easy going, and that left me totally at ease with the whole situation. If I meet any-one in the future who needs some expert assistance with their kayak paddling I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Jason Arndt, Brisbane