For over 10years, Paddle 2 Fitness has promoted, paddled and sold Stellar Surf Skis.
While not as well know as the two top selling surf ski manufactures in Australia, Stellar Surf Skis are as well made as any and in some conditions, will out perform. 
Paddle 2 Fitness has the below demo surf skis on hand at all times for you to take for a paddle. Contact us on 0417 549 409


Stellar SR


Stellar SEI

Stellar SES


Paddle 2 Fitness also has access to any of the other surf skis in the Stellar Surf Ski range including the

  • S14S
  • S16S
  • S18S
  • SEL
  • SE
  • S2EL Double


Detailed Brochures

New SES and SR (2015)


New SEI (2017)


Recommended Retail Prices (Freight to GC: $180/ski)

SPORT              $2,795.00

ADVANTAGE      $3,295.00

EXCEL              $4,195.00

ULTRA              $5,495.00