Coaching Sessions – Introduction Session and 1-1 Sessions


All new (and established) P2F clients are encouraged to attend our 90min plus Introduction Session. This session is designed to give you every piece of paddling information so we know what areas you need to concentrate on.

This session will include:

  1. Correct paddle set-up
  2. P2F Technique & Balance Ball Exercises & P2F Dry Land Exercises to improve leg drive, seating position and shoulder movement. (Normally sold separately for $29.95)
  3. Correct leg length on a ski
  4. Correct paddle stroke
  5. Practice leg drive on a ski
  6. Practice paddle stroke on a ski
  7. 20 – 40 min paddle to bring everything together


Following the Introduction Session it is always nice to have a couple of 1:1 sessions so specific skills can be practices and paddlers can gain confidence before joining a squad.

These sessions can be run from the P2F motor boat or our coach will paddle next to you showing you new drills and areas to improve as the session continues. These sessions are a minimum of 60mins but will run longer if need.


Gold Coast

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm (Saturday optional)


Breakfast Creek (Sandgate Road): Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings 6:45am – 9:00am. Other morning times at request
West End Canoe Club: Wednesday mornings 5:00am – 10:00am . Other morning times at request
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