P2F Technique, Balance and Floor Exercises


At best we can only spend 60-90min on the water 2-3 times a week. This is not enough to be able to change your technique so P2F have come up with these exercises you can do it home.

Technique Exercises – every day with a set of 2-4kg dumbbells

  1. help keen your arms up
  2. help lift your exit arms up at the correct angle
  3. help rotation
  4. help leg drive by removing water and balance
  5. help keep shoulders down through the pull to so active your lats during the whole stroke

Balance Exercises – “Improve your surf ski balance today”

  1. Are you having trouble sitting on your ski?
  2. Can you balance OK in flat water but not in open water?
  3. Do you get nervous if you have to paddle over a motor boat wash?

After helping hundreds of paddlers improve their balance, P2F has developed a series of 5 steps that will help improve your balance over time and help you understand what is happening and how to fix it. These exercises will improve hip movement, core stability and help you paddle more efficiently.

Floor Exercises – Flexibility is the key to good posture

We have put together several exercises for you to do that will help with your poster on the ski / kayak.

If the above interests you then please purchase the exercise and see the improvement in your efficiency, power and speed in just weeks.

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