MEEK Paddles

For over 10 years we have paddled and sold Meek Paddles. The G Series (parallel shape) is by far the best shape for any paddler as it gives you a stable control from catch to exit.

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Fixed Length – $540 / Adjustable Length – $630

Freight & Set Up – $50


The parallel edged blade has an equal balance of surface area either side of the shaft. This is excellent for messy, unstable conditions where the direction of stroke is compromised (eg moving water) because it stays stable in the water regardless of whether it is pulled wide or close to the boat. 

Features: Smooth catch, strong through the whole stroke

MOST POPULAR USES: Our most popular shape in Surf, Ironman and Kayak.

Size        Length     Max Width   Surface Area

XSmall       455mm      145mm         622cm2

Small         475mm      157mm         708cm2

Medium      500mm     157mm         753cm2

Large         520mm     167mm         794cm2


?The tear drop blade increases in volume from the neck to the tip of the blade. This suits flatwater best, where technique can be consistent and direction of the stroke is relatively uncompromised. The blade needs to move away from the boat to remain stable in the water.

Features: Strong catch

MOST POPULAR USES: Kayak sprint and marathon, Ocean Paddling in the Harbour/Bay

SIZES     Length     Max Width     Surface Area

Small       455mm      154mm          600cm2

Medium   490mm      160mm          725cm2

Large      515mm      170mm          805cm2


The twisted tear drop has a much greater volume of its surface area at the catch of the blade. It is best for those who are paddling in unstable conditions (eg, surf, ocean, river) and want the strong catch characteristics of the tear drop shape.

Features: Strongest catch

MOST POPULAR USES:   An all round paddle used in all disciplines.

Medium   495mm    163mm           740cm2  

Small      NEW SIZE Now Available ASK US


FIXED LENGTH PADDLES:  Choose any fixed length between 198cm-220cm.

?ADJUSTABLE LENGTH PADDLES: There is 10cm of adjustment available ie. 205-215cm. Choose from any starting point between198cm to 215cm. The most common length selections are: 200-210cm, 205-215cm OR 210-220cm.


?24 individual pieces of carbon fibre are placed with exact precision in every 2017 paddle blade.  A range of different carbon fibre weaves have been purosefully placed around the paddle to run against the direction of forces and add stiffness to the areas that need it.  The reduced cavitation or flex of the blade maintains the integrity of the shape so it can be used how it was designed to be used. All of this translates to increased power transfer in the water for you.

The Vacuum Infusion Process allows for an optimal cloth to resin ratio and the best combination of lightweight construction and paddle strength.  This seasons blades are lighter than ever for improved comfort and performance.

?Improved and finely tapered  tip and edges of the blade allow for smooth blade entry into the water and improved technical feel.

?Added uni-directional carbon fibre in the areas of highest force, plain weave carbon fibre along the tip and edges for impact reistance and an externally wrapped neck are all new features adding considerable strength to the inherintly weak places in a paddle. This year we have upped the strength and impact resistance to handle tougher conditions and more remote places.

?Our NEW Smooth Grip Shaft adds serious comfort to your paddle grip. This feature makes heat shrink redundant and helps to reduce the paddle weight.