FENN Surf Skis

From August 2017, Paddle 2 Fitness will become the Brisbane / Gold Coast and roving SE Queensland agent for FENN surf skis.

Would would like to thank Oceanpaddler for this opportunity to join one of the best surf ski manufactures in the world.

If you would like to test paddle any of the best surf ski, please contact us on 0417 549 409

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FENN Blue-Fin S

FENN Swordfish S

FENN Elite S



Detailed Brochures

Fenn Brochure – Single Skis
Fenn Brochure – Double Skis

We will also have the ability to order any surf skis from the FENN range as well as any accessories. Please visit the P2F Shop for the FENN accessories we currently have on hand. Click Here