How do I receive the newsletter and purchase items from the shop?


You can easily sign up to the newsletter, while also gaining access to the shop simply by registering an account with paddle2fitness.com.au.

Find the My Account link at the top right, and click this.

Simply choose a user name and password and provide your email address. Upon registering you will recieve an email confirming your account with paddle2fitness.com.au.

To gain access to paddle2fitness.com.au simply login with your chosen username and password.

What payment methods do you accept through the Paddle2Fitness shop?


You can make payments using PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash on Delivery. If you’d prefer to use VISA or Master Card, then please use the PayPal facilities.

When will my program be sent to me?


Once sports training online receives a confirmation that your purchase was successful, we will email your program to you immediately. Please be advised that this could take up to 24 hours.

How do I apply to be on the coaching staff at Sports Training Online?


Simply go to our Contact Us page and email us your details including the type of sport you coach and an example of your program writing. We will get in touch with you regarding a possible position on our team.

I have just finished one of your programs and would like to further my training. Can you help?


Sure. Our aim is to take you as far as possible in your sport. You can either purchase the next training level in your sport (intermediate or advanced) or join our sports coaching online squads.

I have never run a 10km run with my work mates. Do your programs accommodate for absolute beginners?


Yes you are in safe hands. All our general running programs start with a 3-4 week introduction phase to make sure you are capable of a minimal level before you start running. Training sessions are once a day and give you the option of how hard you would like to go or if you require a rest day.