Coaching Videos

Jump Start Video

One of the most important parts to a ski race is the jump start. Paddle 2 Fitness will have you jump starting like a pro in 20mins.

Beginner to Solid paddler in under 10 weeks

Paddle 2 Fitness will teach you a more efficient technique in no time at all. Brian started at a basic beginner level and now see him after 9 weeks. The P2F program gives you a number of dry land exercises so your core balance improves at a faster rate.

Endurance Test Exercise Demo

Coolangatta Gold 2009 Video

Julian Norton-Smith takes an up close and personal video of the start to the Open Men’s Race.

Perfect Paddling Technique

Here is World and Olympic Champion Adam Van Koerden with Eirik Larson durning the 2004 Olympics.

London Marathon 2007

This video was not taken by our own marathon runner Julian but will give you a feeling of this huge event and how London gets behind this great day.