Paddle 2 Fitness is one of the only full-time paddle coaching services in Australia. With a full-time coach, paddlers and athletes are able to get qualified coaching mornings, afternoon and throughout the day.


With the Gold Coast being one of Australia’s top tourist destinations, paddlers and athletes visiting the local area often contact P2F for a couple of lessons while here on holidays or ask to join the P2F squad session.


While our main business is coaching surf ski paddlers, we do also coach all disciplines within the sport of surf life saving. We run coaching clinics and mentorship programs for surf clubs around Australia.


P2F Gold Coast have sessions available everyday of the week for 1-1 session to small groups. Locations are where suits the client from Currumbin Creek to Southport. We are happy to supply a boat and paddle if required which will be included in your coaching fee.


P2F Brisbane have sessions Monday through Thursday mornings from 5am until 6:30am from Sandgate Road, Newstead and West End Canoe Club, West End. We are happy to supply a boat and paddle if required which will be included in your coaching fee.


Over the past 10 years, P2F has developed a coaching schedule that guarantees a paddler will improve from just one session. All paddlers are encouraged to starting with an in-depth Introduction Session which covers all aspects of paddling. Depending on the skill level of the paddler, they can then either have a series of one to one sessions or move into the P2F Squad.

How we can assist you

Individual Athletes

  • Our Introduction Session has helps hundreds of novice and elite paddlers. We believe this session has the best overview of the key paddling principles and will improve any level of paddler by helping them understand a stronger, more efficient paddling technique. Paddlers walk away feeling confident having a greater understanding of the correct way to paddle.

  • Our daily squad sessions have 10-20 paddlers on average. Skill levels range from first timers to semi elite. All sessions are designed around the whole squads ability. No one is ever left behind.

Surf / Kayak Clubs

  • A number of surf clubs around Australia continue to benefit from our weekly training programs. Working with the surf club coaching team, P2F deliver a personalised training program aimed towards athlete goals. These programs include discipline sessions (i.e. ski, board, surf boat, gym and cross training) while working within our coaching philosophies.

  • We provide flexible, packaged coaching sessions to collaboratively work within surf clubs surf sports budgets.

  • We offer coaching clinics where we come to your surf club for several days to assist surf club coaches with technique and race tactics.

  • We also offer a five day school holiday program entitled “Ironman Camps”. This service is available for individual surf clubs or athletes. Sessions are run either mid morning or mid afternoon coving all disciplines with an endurance style event on the last Saturday of the holidays with all athletes who have attended the program competing.

Why choose P2F

  • P2F offers all of our athletes with a friendly, healthy environment to train in. The majority of our athletes have started from a novice level so the whole squad understand, are patient and encouraging when you fall in or fall behind.

  • Our coaching techniques are proven and will improve your paddling technique within weeks. We do regular video sessions which are sent to each athlete for critiquing and evaluation.

  • The squad session locations vary from canal to open water and we rarely do the same session twice.

  • Athletes have access to P2F double skis (surf and ocean skis)

  • You will also be the first to receive any new paddling gear that is coming into the P2F Shop or discount offers from our supporting local businesses.

  • Your first squad session is always free, so come and see what we can do for you.

If you require any other assistance please email or call us